Scar Camouflage – Getting Patient Selection Right

The foremost duty a practitioner has, is to tell the patient that permanent tattooing won’t erase an abnormality or scar. The practitioner also has got to request ‘Does the expectation of the affected individual satisfy throughout the realm of chance.’

Other ideas for that practitioner to think about previous to taking over a affected person are:

Could be the scar tissue less than 1 calendar year old? – as Operating prematurely on scar tissue that is not completely healed can generate more harm to the scar.

In the event the scar is a skin graft or burn up health care clearance is required as the intrusion in the needle or any additional trauma to the website may well risk necrosis of your tissue.

The practitioner must examine the tissue to find out In case the scar is drastically bumpy or irregular in texture because the semi permanent make up course of action is not going to totally flatten the scar.

The practitioner must take a look at the tissue to determine If your scar is crimson or pink in colour, as this tissue will not be healed adequately to continue with re-pigmentation.

The scar may possibly require pre treatment method which include laser remedy to get rid of redness or to even out an too much bumpy irregular texture.

The practitioner must analyze the tissue to check out When the scar is darker in comparison to the bordering tissue Particularly around the edges because the scar may possibly darken even further with the intrusion of the needle during the procedure programme.

Does the region for re-pigmentation have a large area space? If that’s so is definitely the customer/affected person ready to take partial camouflage or ready to satisfy the calls for on the process programme?

Is Vitiligo existing around the proposed procedure internet site? If Sure has the hypo-chromatic lesion been in remission for a minimum of one year. If not likely ahead Along with the everlasting make-up treatment programme may well trigger the dysfunction to manifest alone in other parts of your body and face, or spread outdoors the re-pigmented internet site.

Is the client/affected person not long ago tanned or does he/she tan regularly? Because the camouflaged region is not going to tan and depart a demarcation line when tanning occurs.

The practitioner should look at the tissue to find out if the bordering tissue incorporates freckles, moles, veins, damaged capillaries, hair development, five o clock shadow or patchiness as these imperfections will have to be replicated within the camouflage site otherwise the looks will never show up uniform. Sometimes imperfections like spider veins in the bordering tissue could show which the client wasn’t suitable for the course of action as It might be tricky to productively replicate this kind of blemishes realistically.

The moment these elements are actually deemed the practitioner can consider need to get ready the shopper for the looks from the scar in the therapeutic method. During and after the process the realm will Screen redness and capillary breakage that resembles the initial trauma and may previous about weekly. Sometimes the appearance might have psychological outcomes for that consumer/affected person.


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